A Quick Look at the Campus

The first time on campus can be confusing. There are four major buildings at Sugarloaf. 

  1. The Worship Center
  2. Student Life - Houses Youth on the top floor and the Preschool on the lower level. 
  3. The Arts Center - Everything from Sunday School to Jazzercise takes place here. 
  4. Sugarloaf Kids - This building is dedicated for all children's ministry from birth to 5th grade. 

Please note, all staff offices are housed in the Worship Center building except the Preschool.

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The Worship Center

The Sugarloaf Worship Center is the central building on campus. Most staff offices, except the Preschool are housed here. The large covered drive through serves as the main entrance during the week and on Sundays. A majority of meetings and events take place in this main building.