Starting Point...we all have one

So what is next? Maybe you have not even visited Sugarloaf yet or just maybe you like what you have experienced. These are a few of the possible reasons you find yourself at this point on the web site. Becoming a member of any organization has a starting point. Often we join groups because of similar hobbies and/or interests. We group ourselves by education, upbringing, politics and view points but the church is the one place where all are supposedly welcome no matter what. 

At Sugarloaf, ALL ARE WELCOME! We believe all have sin in their life and it is ONLY through Jesus Christ that we can be made new in this life. Being part of a church allows and empowers us to discern, learn and grow so that we can learn God's will for each of our lives. To help with this journey we offer multiple STARTING POINT classes throughout the year. These classes are currently being held on 2 consecutive Wednesday nights but during this short time you will begin to learn more, find your place and discover different ways you can get involved in all that is happening.

Our next class will be offered on April 15th & April 22nd.. Join us for a campus tour and Q&A with Steven. 

Click on STARTING POINT now to contact Terri Strawn and learn more/register for the next Starting Point.  LEARN MORE, FIND YOUR PLACE, GET INVOLVED

...Now could be the time to begin a new journey.