Our Impact is Amazing, Our Future is Bright.  We hope you will consider joining the "ALL IN" movement!

Our Impact is Amazing

We inspire and reach over 500 people in worship each week through relevant biblical messages and spiritually lifting music. Sugarloaf Kids and Student Life provide worship and ministry opportunities for children to grow their faith and learn how to be disciples for Jesus, while adult education is fertilized through Grow Groups and Serve Groups.

Sugarloaf is known for its amazing support of local missions to feed and house the community.  The church supports the Norcross, North Gwinnett and Duluth Co-ops with food drives, regular volunteers, and partners with groceries to receive and distribute food throughout Gwinnett.  Each week through Happy Sacs and Bunches of Lunches the church feeds children that are in need of nutritional meals.  We open our doors to house homeless families through Family Promise during the year.

Our support extends beyond Gwinnett County - with servant volunteers packing meals for Rise Against Hunger, responding to natural disaster needs through UMCOR and serving on the Pueblo Pintado reservation in New Mexico for over 10 years.

Our Future is Bright

We have set our sights to the future and our vision includes - expanding local missions and renewing international missions, welcoming new and diverse people to our church, developing a "growth track" to equip disciples and build servants, cultivating successful and strong families through ministries, expanding our Christian school, and providing more worship options to share God's word with more people.

Our Financial Situation

To leverage our church for the future, we must overcome one final hurdle from our past.  The church faced difficult times in the past during the financial downturn, causing us to default on our loan.  The church was forced to negotiate an interest only, 5-year balloon note, which will come due on July 1, 2020.  Our lender has offered to discount what we owe to $5m if we can acquire a conventional loan before July 1, 2020.

We currently owe $6.3M on our mortgage and are paying $24K per month - which is $288K per year.  We seek to raise $2M over three years to pay down our mortgage debt and secure a 20 year conventional mortgage loan.

By facing our giant, we will leave a legacy free from the bonds of insecurity, so Sugarloaf United Methodist Church can serve the community and the Lord for decades to come.

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