This week our Re-Opening Task Force met with

Sugarloaf Council and recommended a new tentative date

to reopen our ministry campus.

Sugarloaf Council approved the recommendation.

We are excited to announce that we plan to reopen our campus the Sunday after Labor Day Weekend,

September 13th.


Behind the scenes, our Ministry Staff has been working hard to reopen safely and with excellence. Our Re-Opening Task Force has been meeting multiple times a week, constantly reviewing data and receiving advice from several organizations. Supplies are in, signage has arrived, safety protocols have been developed, and soon hospitality team training will begin.


In a few weeks, we will begin a series of communications that inform our people about the details and protocols we have put in place to reopen safely. We will also communicate about several pre-opening events we will host on our campus during the weeks leading up to September 13th.


Together, we have been journeying through an unprecedented season! While our online presence and engagement has been phenomenal, we all miss each other tremendously. For each of us, this is the proof that we love our church! The church has never been a building or a place... it is the people we do life with deeply as we are being formed into the image of Christ!

I am so excited that soon we will be on-line and on-campus together again!


Watch for communications that will be coming...

Regularly pray for our church during this season...

Stay connected online and share Sugarloaf with others...

Stay safe!

Thank you for being a vital part of this amazing church!