Ok, lets talk about "iT".

"IT" is the hardest or at least one of the hardest topics to talk about and "IT" is money. We all know every organization, no matter if it is a church or for profit business, cannot operate without finances. Yet, God asked for our first fruits. No matter if you already tithe or if you have never given before, everyone starts someplace. By giving to the ministry of Sugarloaf you are participating in ways you can see and also in ways you may never know.  Click on the picture to the left to experience a short video on how to give using Pushpay.

Giving matters for multiple reasons.

Here are just a few: 

  • By giving we acknowledge that God is real. Giving is a profession of faith. 
  • By giving we do something eternal. Your gift goes on and on.
  • By giving we become part of something we could never do ourselves. 
  • Sugarloaf does not have a "sugar daddy" or "sugar mama," we all pitch in to make Sugarloaf work. 
  • When we give, we submit and we trust. We acknowledge we are not in control.
  • Giving changes our focus. Our focus turns to God and others. 

If you would like to begin to give to the ministry of Sugarloaf all you have to do is text "sugarloaf" to 77977 and get started. You can give a one time gift or set up recurring gifts throughout the month or year. Please know by giving your gift in this manner your gift will be processed by Pushpay. Pushpay is a effective, safe/secure and affordable way for the church to receive your ministry gift. You are able to give via debit card or credit card. We only ask you to give via a credit card if you are able to pay your full balance each month. Our desire is not for you to go into debt because you want to give. 

There are four ways to give at Sugarloaf: 

  1. Give on Sunday during the worship service while in worship.
  2. Give on your phone by texting "sugarloaf" to 77977.
  3. Give on our website by clicking the Make A Gift button below.
  4. Give Non-Cash Assets

Did you know you can donate non-cash gifts like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or cars?  Consider these options:

  • Marketable Securities:  transfer ownership of your stocks, bond, or mutual fund shares.
  • Other Non-Cash Gifts:  donate items like cars, boats, and jewelry.
  • Life Insurance:  name Sugarloaf United Methodist Church as a beneficiary of your policy.
  • Planned Gifts:  give via retirement assets, bequests, trusts, etc. as part of your overall personal financial strategy.

If you would like to give in different ways please contact Nancy Burns and she will be more than glad to assist you in any way possible.  Just click on her name above in red and you can get started now.