Great day of Service 2020

What is Great Day of Service?

This is a once a year event where the whole church body comes together to help serve our community.  We have many ways that you can be a part but we want you all to be involved!  Even if you are out of town on March 21st, you can still help by collecting food in advance, buying much needed supplies below or praying for us the day of the event.

SUMC will send teams out to over 15 projects in our community and on our own campus working on different projects for each ministry.

When is Great Day of Service?

This event will be held on March 21, 2020

To volunteer for Great Day of Service, we need you to register.  This can be done online or on a paper copy passed out at church.  Click Here to register.

This year we are including a Let's Bag Hunger event which was Trick or Treat for Hunger in the old days.  We realized that the co-ops need food all year round but especially in the earlier part of the year, so we decided to come up with a new name that would allow us to use it all year long!

What is Let's Bag Hunger - you can sign up to pass out grocery bags in your neighborhood with a special flyer that tells each of your neighbors what our church is doing for the community.  You pass the bags out on March 15 which is a Sunday.  Then you go back on March 21st and pick up the bags of food and bring them here to the church to be sorted, counted and delivered to the local co-ops.  WE NEED YOU to sign up for your neighborhoods so we will know how many bags to prepare for though so you can either email Darby Nicholson ( or to let us know you want to include your neighborhood.

The projects are listed on the registration form along with a brief description of the project.  You will be contacted prior to Great Day of Service by your team captain or a team lead confirming your project and team assignment.

We are in need of many donations to make this great event happen!!!  So please feel free to purchase any of the following items and donate in one of the barrels marked Great Day of Service.

  • Happy Sac donations - Individual sized cereal, cheese crackers, oatmeal, chocolate milk, applesauce, mac & cheese, pretzels, fruit squeezes, granola bars, nutri grain bars, fruit cup - we will need enough to pack 455 sacs for the rest of the year!
  • Small wrapped candy donations
  • Let's Bag Hunger - Food donations of canned and dry goods to be donated to our 3 local co-ops.

FAQ's and more

You may order your own t-shirt for the event by going to the Sugarloaf Store or by going to then clicking on about us and selecting the Sugarloaf Store.  We have all kinds of apparel on this site so feel free to shop around.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions for Great Day of Service & Let's Bag Hunger for 2020.

What are the projects available?  To view all the projects you can click here to view the paper copy of the registration.

What is the time commitment - We will begin the day with a team meeting at 8:00 am and breakfast (by our own Raj). Donations will be accepted for breakfast and all monies will go toward the GDOS expenses.    Most projects will be finished in a couple of hours, all will be done by 2:00 pm at the latest.

What if I don't have specific skills to provide?  There will be a variety of service options.  There is something for everyone!

May I serve with my family?  Yes!  When registering, list all members of your family.

Will childcare be provided?  No, this is considered a family event.

How will I know which agency/project I will be working with?  You will be contacted by a project captain with complete details (including what to bring and what to wear) concerning your project before the Great Day of Service.

Will I need to bring my own lunch?  If you feel like you need to eat before you finish, plan on bringing your own lunch/snack to your project.

For information or questions contact our wonderful Great Day of Service Leaders:  Jennie Andrews, or Linda Harrington,  

For questions regarding the Let's Bag Hunger event please feel free to contact

Darby Nicholson, Let's Bag Hunger Leader at