Staying in the know...

So you missed church this past Sunday or spilt coffee on the bulletin, no worries you are covered. This tab is a quick look at some of the most important events currently happening at Sugarloaf UMC. Scroll down now to learn more.

Wednesday night Dinners

Wednesday Night Dinner returns!  We look forward to seeing you at our normal 5:30 - 6:30 dinner time.

Our Wednesday Night dinners kick back off on January 15th so be looking for new menus coming soon!

Chef Raj Mittal of The Local Pantry does a fantastic job with our catering.  If you would like to consider him for any catering event you family or your company may need please click here to contact him.

Interested in serving in the kitchen - we would love to have you!  Click on the logo and you can sign up to help out!

Happy Sacs Ministry

Our Happy Sacs Ministry packs food for 4 local schools in our area for weekend provisions.  We include over 12 different items in each bag and we pack over 30 bags a week for our local schools.  Kids are qualified thru the school counselors and this food is given to the kids on Friday so that they will have something to eat over the weekend.  Won't you help us by supplying items that are needed?

This ministry is on-going from September till May and different churches cover all of the schools in Gwinnett County.  Thanks for being a part of this needed ministry.  To see the list of needed items click on the Happy Sacs logo.