SK Nursery Policies

VISION: As members of the United Methodist Church, we uphold the rights of children and acknowledge that children are a sacred gift from God. We at SUMC wish to provide families with small children time to refresh their spirits and strengthen their faith while knowing that their children are in a safe, secure and caring environment. We also desire to begin the building blocks of a foundation of faith for these young children where they may feel the love of Jesus in their caretakers.

GOAL: Infants and toddlers learn through their experiences. Our nursery staff models kindness, compassion and concern as they interact with the children of Sugarloaf UMC. Simple values such as sharing and thankfulness are underlined as children interact and participate in all nursery activities. It is our intention to provide your children with a caring community where all may be nurtured in a dignified and loving manner. Children learn to know and trust God when they experience church as a safe and welcoming place.

  • General Information

    Children are separated by age and ability. Each nursery room is staffed with a minimum of 2 adults and one is paid nursery staff.

    Nursery Hours: Our nursery is open on Sunday mornings from 9:10 until 15 minutes after the last service of the morning. Your child may stay for both services or join us for only one. Please let our nursery staff know whether you will be picking up after one or both services. On Wednesday evenings during children’s programming, our nursery is open from 6:25 until 8:15pm.

    Drop off and Pick up: To provide a safe and secure environment, we use a 2 part security label system. All parents will be asked to provide the security tag in order to pick up their child. Children can only be released to an adult or sibling over the age of 16. We ask that you make sure that we have a cell phone number on their nametag in which to use to contact you in the case of an emergency.

    Parents are asked to not enter the actual nursery room. Please pass your child over the half door or allow them to walk in. This is to maintain cleanliness and security.

    Staffing: Each nursery room is staffed with a paid nursery worker who is CPR and first- aid trained. Each nursery worker has been screened with a background check and completed SUMC’s nursery training. Each nursery room has between 1-3 additional volunteers who serve on a rotational basis. Every volunteer has submitted a background check before serving. In addition, a SUMC staff member is located in the Preschool/ Nursery building to monitor visitors and children during all services.

    Nursing Room: We have a room available in the main building for parents of babies in order to nurse or take a fussy baby.  Please ask at Guest Services for location.

  • Health and Safety

    Age limits: Only children of the appropriate ages can be allowed in the nursery rooms. Parents are welcomed at all time. Older children are not allowed in the nursery rooms at any time.

    Illness policy: SUMC runs a “well child” nursery. We ask that you please keep your child at home if he/she has any of the following illnesses or symptoms:

    Fever over 100 Runny nose/sore throat

    A persistent or heavy cough

    Questionable rashes

    Stomach ache

    Vomiting or diarrhea

    Red, swollen or crusty eyes

    Other communicable diseases

    Please know that if your child is being treated with an antibiotic, he/she must have been on the medication a full 24 hours before coming to the nursery. Nursery workers will assess each child as he/she enters the nursery. If any symptoms are in question, the Nursery Coordinator will direct parents to the posted policy. We do not administer medicine in the nursery.

    Labeling Personal Supplies: All personal items must be labeled by parent before they are left in a nursery room. Please use the provided labels and pens/markers to label diapers, cups, pacifiers, food containers etc.

    Allergies:  Nursery children are given a small snack once at each service; therefore, it is pertinent that parents keep the SK staff informed of any allergies.  We ask that you notify the SK Coordinator and your child's teachers along with putting allergy stickers on your child each Sunday. 

  • Emergency Procedures

    Contact information: All parents who leave a child in the nursery’s care MUST have a contact information sheet on file with the Sugarloaf Kids office. If a child has a nametag printed by the “kiosk” then their info is on file, however, if they are visiting, they should complete a SK Registration Form before leaving their child. All parents are responsible for updating SK Staff if contact information changes.

    Emergency Evacuation: In the event of an emergency that requires lock down, our signal will be “CODE RED”. At that time all 3 doors to the nursery/preschool building will be shut and locked with no one allowed to enter or leave until Lead Staff deems it safe. In case of an event in which evacuation is needed, all children will be escorted to the far left side of the field. Children will be taken out of the closest door. Infants will be placed into the rolling cribs and taken out of the double doors. All children will be accounted for and released to their parents and guardians with proper identification. In the event of severe weather, all nursery children will be taken into Room M. Infants will be brought in the rolling cribs.

    Accidents: If a serious injury occurs, an Accident Form will be filled out by a SK Staff Member and the parent will be notified.

    First Aid Kits/Defibulator: A first aid kit is located in Room M of the Preschool Building and the Defibulator is located at the end of the hallway closest to the elevator. All nursery and church staff are trained in CPR/First Aid/and Defibulator use.