SK 101

A unique way of transitioning from our nursery building into our Sugarloaf Kids building will be starting in August. Our new Kindergarten and 1st graders will have a 4 week class learning all about what happens at Sugarloaf Kids and the fun they have to look forward to.   

Lord teach me to pray

We believe that prayer is a very important part to anyone’s relationship with God. God calls us into a relationship with him and asks us to pray to him. How can you have a relationship with anyone without communication? Prayer is our way to communication with God. This class is for our 2nd graders and it starts in January. 

Bible Palooza

Calling all 3rd Graders!
On October 7th, you will be receiving your very own Bibles from our Lead Pastor, Dr. Steven T. Usry. We will follow up that Sunday with a series of lessons to help you learn how to use your Bibles. 

All of these lessons are just for our 3rd Graders. To help us plan for materials and Bibles, please register your child by clicking on the Bible Palooza LOGO to the left. Registration deadline is September 30th!


Sign up today! Class starts on October 7th. 

Armor of God

New this year at Sugarloaf Kids starting in May we have a special class just for our 4th graders. This new program will teach the children how to put on this invisible armor of God & why we need it! 

The Edge

The EDGE stands for “Every Day God Experiences”. Your 5th grader is right on The Edge of lots of new experiences and we want God to be a part of everything new and exciting that will go on in their lives. This is a pivotal year, a year for your child to make close friendships with the children who will be in the same grade as them as they move up into Student Life in 9 short months. Every Sunday @ 9:30 am for one school year. 

Upcoming Events:

5th Grade Edge Corn Maze Outing after church! 
Sunday, October 14th the 5th Grade Edge group will be going to a Corn Maze event after church. Total cost for this great outing is $25. 

Registration is required, please sign up by clicking on the 5th Grade Edge LOGO on the left. Email Allison Wishall at for questions.