Happy Sacs

Feel free to come and join us and help out. Our packs take place in our coffee cafe in the main entrance.  Come give a few minutes and serve with us!

What is it?  We work with 4 schools in our local community to provide "Happy Sacs" which are bags of food that are given out on Fridays during the school year by the counselors to the homeless population in our local schools so that they might have something to eat for the weekend.  For more information on how you can play a part contact Abigail Krieger, abigail23k@gmail.com.

Each bag will have 10-12 items to last for the weekend.  We are currently serving 40 elementary - high school students per week which means we have an ongoing need for about 1600 individual items a month!  Below is a sample list of the items that we are looking for and will need on an ongoing basis.  All items must be individually packed and not bulk.

Cheeze-it baked crackers               small pop top fruit cans                 granola bars                     applesauce                     nutri grain bars

boxed chocolate milk                     Chef Boyardee mini cans               fruit strips                          juice boxes                     chips

small cereal boxes                          small packs of raisins                    packs of oatmeal             peanut butter                  nuts

hazelnut spread to go                     trail mix                                            dried fruit                          pretzels                            protein bars

fruit squeeze                                    Ramen noodles                              mac & cheese (ind)          pudding cups                  fruit snacks