Thanksgiving baskets are Here!

Won't you help us support our Rainbow Village families by donating items to help us make these beautiful Thanksgiving baskets!  You sign up to donate items so that these families can make their own Thanksgiving meal for their family this holiday season.  We take your donated items and put together these lovely baskets and help spread the joy this holiday season. 

For more information contact Becky Burk at

Breaking the Cycle

Rainbow Village is a transitional housing program where homeless families with children find refuge to recover and rebuild their lives with the love and support of a community-based family surrounding them.  Most of the heads of household at Rainbow Village are women that have fled lives of domestic violence and poverty.  Rainbow Village takes the necessary time to teach both the adults and children to believe in themselves again, to chart a new course, and to work a plan to be self-sufficient for a lifetime.  Just this year they added a new facility that houses  child care facility for these children, a chapel for prayer time and a full kitchen for them to have meals together as a group along with a boutique where the families can shop. 

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Our model

At Rainbow Village we strive hard to break the cycle of homelessness, poverty and domestic violence.  Every family's circumstances are unique.  We work with each family to understand their past, their key areas of need and set goals and action plans for them to bring them into long-term self sufficiency.  We have many ways that we can help from being apartment sponsors, to providing meals, school supplies and much more.  As a faith partner church we look for different ways that we can support this wonderful ministry right here in Duluth.