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If you could not be with us this past Sunday or maybe you want a taste of Sugarloaf UMC prior to your visit, either way, this may be just the spot for you. The most recent message is posted at the top of the list. Click the picture to the left of the message title and description to start the video now.

  • Gifts Week Four, Dr. Matthew Mitchell

    What steals your joy? Comparison can rip the joy from our lives. What are you comparing yourself against? When we look for Godly standards and not the standards of this world our perspectives can change. Today we will look at how complements are what God intended for each of us and not a life of comparison. 

  • Gifts, Week Three, Dr. Matthew Mitchell

    Dr. Matthew Mitchell preaches this message about how we are all gifts from God. However, some of us never open the gifts so that they can be used for a greater good. YOU ARE A GIFT but are you fulfilling your purpose? 

  • Gifts, The Joy Of Serving God Week Two

    Rev. Chip Hogsed

    Chip is the Director of Worship Arts at Sugarloaf UMC. Enjoy a special message from his heart as we each learn how hard and even terrifying serving God can be for each of us! No matter what we each hold the keys to a new joy and when we serve a doorway to a greater joy is opened.

  • Gifts, the joy of serving Week One

    Dr. Matthew Mitchell

    Based upon the book by the same title published by Willow Creek Resources, Gifts, the Joy of Serving is a six week look at understanding how each of us is a unique and wonderful creation by God. Week one focuses on how many of never use our God given gifts. In fact, we hide our gifts and forget to use them. Join us as Sugarloaf looks at how we can knock the dust off our gifts and use them again.

  • Reset Week Five: Jesus, REset my Church LIfe

    Dr. Matthew Mitchell

    What is church really all about? The debate rages on day by day, generation by generation. We all have an opinion, but what does the Word of God say a community of faith should really look like. In this week's message, Dr. Matthew Mitchell will share a perspective of what an Acts 2 really can and should look like. After all, church should be about so much more than a worship service once a week.



    We all keep our hands busy with something.  Maybe is a phone, a tablet, or maybe a credit card.  God wants to reset your hands for their intended purpose.   

    Message delivered on Sunday, January 29, 2017. Click on the RESET logo to the left and watch now. 

  • Reset Week Three: Jesus, Reset my Voice

    Dr. Matthew Mitchell

    God gave each of us a voice so that we could have a power in this world. However, many times our voices are guided by the world and its distractions. What would our lives look if we submitted our voice to the Holy Spirit and began to speak life so that other lives could know of the Glory of Jesus Christ? Psalm 71: 15-16 kicks this week off so that we can each learn of the power God has granted in each of our voices. 

    Message delivered on Sunday, January 22, 2017. Click on the RESET logo to the left and watch now.   

  • RESET Week Two: Jesus, Reset my mind   

    Dr. Matthew Mitchell

    Are you are heart person or a mind person? No matter what, we each have a little of both in our personalities. However, there are times when the mind wants to take control and have the final say. This week we ask how can we reset our minds so that God is in control.

    Message delivered on Sunday, January 15, 2017. Click on the RESET logo to the left and watch now.

  • RESET Week One: Jesus, Reset my heart   

    Dr. Matthew Mitchell

    The first message of a  five part series. RESET my heart focuses on how difficult it can be to give God our heart when we have been hurt and abandoned. No matter what, God wants to help each of us deal with our realities and RESET our hearts!

    Message delivered on Sunday, January 8, 2017. Click on the RESET logo to the left and watch now.