Current Sermon Series
"When Storms Come"

Life's tough.  Storms Come.  How can we experience God in the midst of some of life's roughest moments?  

Join us throughout the summer on a journey through the Psalms.  Together we will learn from the Psalmists and scriptures on how to be anchored in Christ in the midst of any storm.

June 3 - When You've Gotten a Bad Deal (Psalm 73)

June 10 - When You're Depressed and Down (Psalm 77)

June 17 - When you Feel Like a Nobody (Psalm 139)

June 24 - When You've Really Blown It (Psalm 51)

July 1 - When You're Trapped by Guilt (Psalm 32)

July 8 - When You're in a Crisis (Psalm 23)

July 15 - When You're Confused (Psalm 90)

July 22 - When Fear Has You Paralyzed (Psalm 46)

July 29 - When You Need Power (Psalm 29)