Seasons of Change

Every year there are four seasons. Here in Georgia there are years where we do not experience much of the four seasons and then there are weeks where it seems all four seasons collide together in a few short days. As God's children each of us will experience seasons of change. Seasons of change, seasons of loss, seasons of hope, seasons of activity and seasons where it is best to be still and know God is in control...the list can go on and on. The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes reminds of this reality,

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." 3: 1

One of the challenges during these seasons of change is to be tempted to bunker down and stay put, in essence to ride out the storm. However, the word "ACTIVITY" reminds us we are called by God to embrace these seasons of change and follow His will. Join us at Sugarloaf UMC as we look at how God Almighty calls us to be active during these seasons of Change. 

Sunday, April 23

Staying Active During Seasons of Change

Sunday, April 30

Three Leaders of Change: Saul, David & Solomon

Sunday, May 7

Changes On the Fly: 

Paul, a man in Macedonia and Lydia...did I get this correct God? 

Sunday, May 14

Passing the Baton: From Moses to Joshua

Sunday, May 21

Seasons of Change when we cannot fathom what God is doing...