Fundraising... easy!

Easy isn't often the word that comes to mind regarding fundraising. We looked at the options: we could sell wrapping paper and candles... no thanks. Chocolate? Not really. Gift cards! Only if you'll run it all.

Then we learned that Kroger will give us a percentage back if you link your Kroger Plus Card to our church. This is a huge benefit and here's why:

For you-you're buying what you want or need and we get $

For us-we don't have to go door-to-door and get $

For Kroger-they get frequent customers and tax breaks for giving us $

Here's how to EASY it is to help:

  1. Go register your card at Community Rewards
  2. Once registered, sign in and scroll down to "Community Rewards"
  3. Enter Sugarloaf UMC's organization number: 80368.
  4. Share this page with your friends to get them signed up!

Other forms of fundraising?

Student Life has creates other opportunities for fundraising throughout the year. One way students are encouraged to raise funds is through support letter writing. Support Letter Writing Classes are held during the Spring Semester. Email Heather for more information.

Forms, forms, forms

We want to take the best possible care of each student that comes in contact with Sugarloaf UMC. We have a child safety policy, the Safe Sanctuaries Policy, that guides our interactions with children.

We can't guarantee safety because accidents will happen, but we want to be able to get treatment in these situations. As such, we ask that each student that attends events off-site fill out the following forms that apply for each event: